Core 2 Interaction: Lab – Questionnaire

1. (a)I've already taken Core 1: Interaction. (b)I like to play with css grid for poster layout but it always takes time to experiment. (c)I am still confusing about JS, since we only tried p5js website and make tiny changes to their coding template.

2. Actually I am more nervous about coding and it's something about logic thinking. From my experience before, I spent whole day serching information and figuring out how to make my code work, but it could not reach my expected effect. I find it hard to express what I want to show in my work. I hope we can get more demo and clear instructions on codes.

3. I feel like it's important to design my personal website showing my works which will help a lot in future career. Also with the fast developed technololgy and internet, I think these digital media will be more welcomed than graphic.

4. I prefer to use sublime.

5. All of my Core 1 projects and assignments were using Github. I finished my code in local Github document and then pull to origin so that we can view it on website. It's easy to check all the changes I've made and the past history.

6. HTML provides the basic structure for the sites. CSS controls layout, formating and decorative elements. JS adds dynamic and controls the behavior to make page more interactive. Comparing to human body, HTML is like organs and body structure; CSS is how we stylish our hairstyle and wear cloth to be beautiful; JS is how our brain gives body order to move, talk and interact with each other.

7. Hotpot

Milktea (no bubbles!)



Fried chicken
Orange/Orange juice


Sydney Canberra Melbourne


Reykjavik Akureyri Isafjord

New Zealand

Wellington Auckland Rotorua


Mombasa Nairobi Nakuru

United Arab Emirates

Dubai Abu Dhabi

13. Haiku by Natsume Soseki
     The lamp once out
       Cool stars enter
         The window frame.

         Plum flower temple:
       Voices rise
     From the foothills

     The crow has flown away:
       swaying in the evening sun,
         a leafless tree

Justin Bieber

riana Grande

NCT 127

Bellie Ellish

Jay Chou


16. I am not that sure about this. I only know that block starts on a new line and stretches to far right while inline doesn't.